Friday, 25 November 2011

Brain Bugs And Debugging

The brain is one amazing organ which works like a machine.
But as a machine, the brain is actually pretty simple.
Basically, it just records and plays back.
You put information in. It plays it back. You put information in. It plays it back.
It’s simple.
And, like a computer, it is very easily programmed.

Since the day you were born, you’ve had all sorts of "programming" entering your brain. I'm talking about information and commands, either coming from yourself, or from the outside world (through your five senses).
All our thinking, our actions and decisions are as a result of this "programming" entering our brain. Our brain is influenced depending on how we process the information. Sometimes these "programming" entering our brain "BUGS" our brain which affects our thinking, actions and decisions.
A disturbed brain (Bugged) can develop negative emotions leading to anger, pity, hatred, animosity, revenge, unhappiness, hurting,  and our actions and behavior are biased with our emotions and thinking.
It is necessary to "DEBUG" our brain. 
How do we do that? 
The following methods have helped many people
1. Yoga

2. Meditation

3. Reading "Positive Thinking" books or listening to Motvational talks

4. Spiritualism

5. Positive Self Talk

Some people take the more curiosity path of

1.  Hypnotherapy

2. Past life regression

3. Joining groups practicing certain philosophies

The aim of "Debugging" our mind is to make our brain processor function "Normally" so that we can lead a normal happy life by taking logical actions and decisions.

We have to create a balance of everything but when we become obsessed with any of the above paths, we have actually planted another "Bug" in the effort of "Debugging".

Planting another bug is more visible in the curiosity path and especially in "Joining groups practicing certain philosophies".

While most people find a solace in the above paths, some become obsessed. There is a very thin line between passion and obsession.

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