Aditya Quotes

Aditya is a student of human behavior  and has practical experiences in his 61 years of life.
Aditya spent 22 years as Army Officer in Indian Army, constantly dealing with human behavior including marriage problems of his subordinates.

Aditya's quotes
  • It is difficult to judge any action as "Right" or "Wrong" without understanding the "Attitude" at the time of action. Attitude are emotional thoughts which travel faster than any aircraft. Only a trained pilot can handle and control such a machine especially when there are "troubles".
  •  A buffet table has hundred items; if you are looking for what you don't like, you may probably find 95 items. The challenge is to find 5 items which you like.
  • Do not give permission to any one to "Judge your actions". Permit them to appreciate your actions.
  • Never let emotional outbursts to transform into "Bitterness". It will create nothing but enemies. Enemies in the physical world and in the spiritual world.
  • Marriage becomes significant only when you strive to become a "Husband" and a "Wife" to each other even if you may have to forgo other relationships which are causing hindrance. Soon all other relationships will automatically become significant.
  • We tend to resolve relationship problems by taking advice of other relatives but they are all interconnected with their own interests and motives hence the advice is partial.  An independent and professional adviser like a counselor works much better in intricate problems.
  • We are born with the role of a child, choose the role of a spouse and perform the role of parents. Problem arises when we do not understand our role at different stages and the easiest solution we choose is..running away.
  • A timely decision always helps.
  • Never ignore problems; they grow like wild weeds.
  • Our biggest problem is realizing that there is a problem and then understanding the problem properly.
  • Never choose the toughest solution to a problem without trying out the simpler solutions first. The tougher solutions very often infests itself into a bigger problem.
  • Share your sorrow with people who are close to you but seek advice from people who are unbiased and competent. 
  •  Intelligent people propagate different ideas and other people adopt them, comment on them and give their opinion without properly understanding the consequences.  
  • Fight for your dreams as if you are fighting a war.
  • Do not confuse your dreams with path. Being a pilot, doctor or engineer is a path and not dreams.
  • A communicative enemy is better than a non communicative friend.
  • Do not try to seek the knowledge which God did not want you to know like past life, future etc. It hampers your living in the present.
  • If you keep repeating the same actions which causes problems, you have either not understood the problem or you do not want to resolve it.
  • Rigidity in your thinking is not a strength; it is weakness. 
  • Introspection is essential. It brings out your own strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for corrective actions. Introspection never leads to "Bitterness".
  • If marriages are made in heaven.. they are broken on earth. Why?