Monday, 19 September 2011

A Simple Apology Was Needed

Sitting by my window I was enjoying the nature when suddenly I heard loud shouting of a lady.
It appeared that it was coming from the flat below.
The shouting continued and became even louder.
I checked out of window and found that the shouting was coming from the road.

There was a lady holding a dog and was furious on another young lady standing next to her.
My curiosity increased.
I first imagined that it was a mother shouting at her daughter.
I listened carefully.
The lady shouting was furious because the younger lady's dog had bitten the other lady's dog and how much she loved her dog. She had to take the dog to the vet. 
So the story was that the younger lad had gone to meet someone in the building where this other lady stays. She had taken her dog also along and her dog bit the other lady's dog.
The emotional out burst led to filing a complaint with the police.
Soon the police arrived and asked the younger lady for
  1. Society permission to keepthe dog
  2. Vet records for the dog and
  3. Society permission to keep her dog in the building.
It so happened that she did not have any of these things.

An elderly resident intervened and pacified the situation but not before the younger lady had dished out a substantial amount to the police.
Incidentally, this elderly gentleman had earlier advised the younger lady to meet the above requirements but she had paid no heed to his advise.

The elder gentleman talked with the other lady and found the reason for her "Bitterness".
All that she expected was few words of apology and a sympathy from this young lady.

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